Your Credit

Companies and individuals all have unique credit profiles that are based on numerous items. One crucial item is involvement in litigation which is a negative indicator for credit stability.

Litigation is increasingly being used by creditors to secure repayment of debt through garnishment of wages or seizure of assets. Having an unpaid judgment on your credit file will likely result in the suspension or non-renewal of credit facilities.

The Canadian legal process is based on transparency and this includes making public the details of civil litigation. Pacific Credit regularly provides litigation information to our clients which may affect your credit. If you have made payments on or settled a legal item outside of the courts it may not be noted on your credit file.

Individuals who have been declined credit for a paid judgment can contact us via the form below to determine the status of litigation within our system. Please note, you must provide us with the original court information. Without complete information we will not be able to process your request.

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